How do you know which model to buy?  After receiving numerous support phone calls over the years, we have put together a checklist of what should be considered to identify the best Dolphin robotic cleaner for your use.  Every Dolphin is identified by one of 6 classifications:

Performance Above-Ground
Easy to use; designed for optimal cleaning performance for all above ground pools.

Performance In-Ground
Affordably priced with core Dolphin features designed for optimal cleaning performance in modest in-ground pools.

Next generation technology with dual scrubbing brushes and wall coverage, designed for optimal cleaning performance in all size pools.

Includes our best selling Dolphin robots with smart technology and waterline coverage. Intuitive convenience at your fingertips with Bluetooth access for remote control from your smart phone.

Top of the line cleaning performance with set it & forget it automation. Designed for all pools. Our smartest line of feature rich Dolphin pool cleaning robots.

From small public pools to the largest, professional and Olympic-sized pools, Dolphin is the ideal pool cleaner choice.

Pool type
The type of pool that you have (above ground or in ground) will dictate the different models that you can select from. Some of the Dolphin models have been designed exclusively for use in smaller above ground pools where minimum number of robot features are required - you drop it in the pool and remove it once the robotic pool cleaner has completed its cycle. For irregular shape pools, however, more features are usually needed and it is recommended that you select a higher end unit as they have better maneuverability around the shape of the pool.

Pool size
The pool size is a factor in the selection of the pool cleaner as the larger the pool, the more surface area the unit needs to cover so you want to select one that has a longer cycle time (ideally, one with multiple cycle times so that you can control the amount of time you unit spends cleaning).

Robot cleaning surfaces
While all Dolphin pool robots can clean the floor, some models can also clean the walls and the higher end models will even scrub the waterline. Do you get algae at the top of the waterline that you have to periodically scrub to keep your pool clean? If that’s the case, choose a unit that scrubs the waterline so that your pool maintenance is minimized.

Robot features
After you have narrowed down your choices based on your pool type, the pool size and the cleaning surfaces that you would like to cover, you should be left with a few choices. In some cases (like choosing between and S50 and Active 10), the only difference may be the robot chassis or color. Pick the color you like and proceed with the purchase. In other cases, you can use our Product Compare tool that highlights the difference between selected models. The comparison tool will show you what features are available on a specific model.

While over the years the Dolphin pool cleaners have a delivered a variety of features on their pool robots, there are several features that people are generally interested in:

Fast clean mode - having a pool party in an hour?  The fast clean mode will clean the floor only for those models that also have the ability to clean walls and the waterline.

Remote control - this feature allows you to use a remote to steer the unit in a precise location for a spot cleaning, for instance, if there were leaves or debris in a specific area of your pool.  While some models use a physical remote that is delivered with the unit, the newer models use Bluetooth/WIFI technology to allow you to use your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to be used as the remote.

Bluetooth/WIFI app - A Bluetooth/WIFI application available for your smartphone that can be used to remotely set and control the operation of your robotic pool cleaner.

Weekly timer - this feature allows the robot to come on during a specific time for up to a week in advance.  This feature is useful when you go away on vacation for a week and you want the cleaner to still clean the pool while you are away.  While the manufacturer does not recommend a pool cleaner remain in the pool for 365 days a year, the unit can stay in the pool for a period of time without any concerns.

Delayed start - this feature allows the unit to start up after a period of time, allowing any dirt to settle to the floor before the cleaning cycle begins.

Enhanced cleaning cycles - while many models have one cleaning cycle where the robot will stop after the cleaning cycle has completed, some units have enhanced cleaning cycles where you can specify the amount of time you want the robot to spend cleaning.

Full filter indicator - this feature provides an indicator that the robot filter is full of debris and should be cleaned off so that another cleaning cycle can begin.

Still confused about the myriad of models and choices you have?  We make it even easier.  Based on our sales, we provide the top-selling units which makes it really, really easy to narrow down which model you should buy.  So, here it is:

$449 - Dolphin E10 - above ground pool

$549 - Nautilus CC - small in-ground pool

$729 - Nautilus CC Plus - #1 selling Dolphin by far; cleans floor and walls

$749 - Triton PS - cleans floors/walls and scrubs waterline too!

$949 - Triton PS Plus - WiFi model with smartphone support -  all the bells and whistles!