Certified refurbished Dolphin robotic pool cleaners

Certified refurbished robots from Maytronics and sold exclusively by Pool Partz provide you with opportunity to save hundreds off the cost of a new Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

What is a certified refurbished Dolphin?

A certified refurbished Dolphin is a unit that has been returned to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons.  These units have been inspected by factory-certified technicians and meet the same standards as new units.  In fact, they go through an exhaustive 12-point process prior to becoming available for resale.

Why were they returned?
By far, this is the number one question that we receive when people inquire about a certified unit. Quite often, customers don’t take into account the length of their pool and will purchase a model that is smaller than the pool size they have. For instance, a standard pool size of 20×40 feet the popular choice is the Nautilus CC Plus and not the Nautilus CC which is only designed for pools up to 33 feet in length. For over a decade, Pool Partz has been assisting customers in selecting the right Dolphin pool cleaner that meets their robotic swimming pool cleaner needs.

Where are the Dolphin units shipped from?
These Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Pool Partz is the exclusive reseller of these units so after the units are inspected by the Maytronics technicians they become available for sale. All robots are handled directly by the factory-trained technicians of Maytronics.

What is the 12 point process that the manufacturer goes through in preparing these units for resale?

This 12 point process is followed by the factory-certified technicians and is as follows:

1. Outer case of unit is clean and free of deep scratches, cracks, or broken parts. Some normal wear may be evident.
2. Power cable is clean and fully operational, including the swivel on applicable models.
3. Brushes and climbing rings (where applicable) are clean and in good condition.
4. Tracks are operational and free from cracks or tears.
5. Power supply is clean, tested, and fully operational.
6. Diagnostic self test has been completed and passed.
7. Filter bags or cartridges (dependent upon model) have been replaced with new filters.
8. Amphenol plug (internal cable connector) has been cleaned and inspected.
9. Motor unit scan has been completed and motor unit is certified.
10. Software upgrades (where applicable by model) have been completed.
11. New shipping carton, with internal packing components, has been provided to ensure safe transit and delivery.
12. Operation manuals and warranty information are present in the box.

What comes with the unit?
The unit comes complete with the robotic cleaner, the power supply, brand new filters, and all supporting documentation that would come with a brand new unit.  You don’t need to purchase anything else to use the unit when you receive it.

How long have you been selling these certified Dolphin robots?
Since 2011, Pool Partz has exclusively sold the certified refurbished robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics. We take great pride in providing stellar customer service and people know us by name.

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