Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus vs Triton PS Robot Comparison

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus 99996403-PCF
Dolphin Triton PS

Many of the questions that we answer at Pool Partz are from customers who are performing comparisons between Dolphin pool cleaners before their purchase. Due to the number of pool robots that are available from Maytronics and the numerous capabilities that these units have, customers are always trying to balance the cost of the unit versus the capabilities that they need for their swimming pool. In many cases, they narrow their selection to two different models which is why our team wrote Dolphin comparison articles to highlight the standard features that come with all Dolphins and the differences between the two. This way, the consumer has all the necessary information to make an educated purchase.

Regardless of the Dolphin pool cleaner you choose after reviewing the various models, you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product from the manufacturer. For almost 40 years, Maytronics has been a global leader in the swimming pool industry by developing technologies and solutions for swimming pool maintenance. The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner line is one of those solutions, providing efficient and easy pool maintenance. One of the primary benefits of the Dolphin pool cleaners is that the units are not tied to the swimming pool filtering system but rather have their own filters along with efficient motor technology which provides for low cost maintenance of your swimming pool from debris.

When providing comparison information about Dolphin pool cleaners to our potential customers, we always like to tell them about the standard features that come with all Dolphin robots and then follow up the discussion with the differences between them. Our customers have always been appreciative of us being able to concisely provide them with the comparison between two models.

Dolphin standard features

There are some standard capabilities that come with all Dolphin robotic pool cleaners regardless of the size of the pool that you have. For instance, all Dolphin pool cleaners come with a power supply, a cable that connects to the robot, and the robot itself. Because the robot has its own filtering system and uses efficient motors, the cost to run these units is minimal.

Plug and Play
Dolphin pool cleaners are extremely easy to use – simply drop the pool cleaner into the pool, plug the power supply into an electrical outlet, press the power button and the unit will begin the cleaning cycle.

Pool Mapping
Every Dolphin pool cleaner has electronics in it that provides sophisticated algorithms for mapping and cleaning the swimming pool. It is recommended that you drop the pool cleaner close to the center of the pool as it begins the cleaning process for optimal cleaning coverage.

Debris Filtering
Since every Dolphin pool cleaner has its own filtering capabilities, it is independent of any of the swimming pool equipment. The Dolphin collects the debris, you hose off the debris from the filters, and you are ready for the next cleaning!

Energy Saving
Dolphin robotic pool cleaners require very little power to clean your pool spotless every time it is used.

Customer Service
Whether dealing with Maytronics or Pool Partz customer service, both have a great reputation in the industry in providing exceptional customer service both pre-sales and post-sales. For over a decade, Pool Partz has been the exclusive resellers of Dolphin pool robots and have great knowledge of every Dolphin pool cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner


Side By Side Comparison

Sometimes when comparing two different robots it’s easy to do a side-by-side comparison of the features.

 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus 99996403-PCFDolphin Triton PS
ModelNautilus CC PlusTriton PS
Price $649.00 $749.00
Buy Now
Pool typeIn groundIn ground
Pool sizeUp to 50 feetUp to 50 feet
Filter accessTop loadedTop loaded
Cycle time(s)2 hours2 hours
Weekly timer Yes Yes
Swivel cable Yes Yes
Quick water release Yes Yes
Cable length60 feet60 feet
Unit weight21 pounds19 pounds

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and Dolphin Triton PS Differences

Dolphin pool cleaners by Maytronics are simply the best robotic pool cleaners on the market today. Both the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and Dolphin Triton PS are two of the top sellers that we sell. Since we often help customers that are comparing these two models, our comparison article is focused on highlighting the differences between the two so that an informed decision can be made regarding any feature and/or price differential.

While the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the number one selling pool robot, it is often compared to the Dolphin Triton PS when customers are choosing a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. While many customers choose the Nautilus CC Plus because it is less costly, the Triton PS should at least be considered.

One of the major differences between the Nautilus CC Plus and the Triton PS are the surfaces that the robot will clean. While the CC Plus cleans both the floor and walls, the Triton PS is capable of cleaning the floor, walls and scrubbing the waterline. How does the Triton PS scrub the waterline? The unit will actually go up the waterline and as it reaches the top surface it will make horizontal movements along the top surface effectively cleaning the tiles at the top of swimming pool.

In comparing the Nautilus CC Plus with the Triton PS, the other major difference are the filters. While the Nautilus CC Plus uses dual filter cartridges, the Triton PS uses a top loaded basket which can be useful for those swimming pools that get a lot of leaves in them.

Lastly, one compelling difference in comparing the Nautilus CC Plus and the Triton PS are the brushes. While both models come with two brushes, one of the brushes of the Triton PS spins at twice the normal rate which provides additional cleansing power.


We hope that you enjoyed the review of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and Dolphin Triton PS pool cleaners and the numerous features that these pool robots provide. These two models are quite often compared when people have narrowed down their choices based on the type of swimming pool and features that they are looking for.

Interested in purchasing? For over a decade, Pool Partz has been the exclusive reseller of certified refurbished units that come directly from the manufacturer. These units sell out quickly because of their popularity in the cost savings that they provide and have the same quality standards as a new Dolphin pool robot.

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