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Product warranty

Warranty Process Steps:
1. All warranties are held with the manufacturers of the product. Pool Partz does not warranty any products on this website and we carry no inventory for shipping replacement parts under warranty. However, we will assist you in getting the warranty request to the respective manufacturer/distributor.
2. Fill out the warranty request form at the bottom of this page.
3. If parts were missing from your shipment, we can handle that for you. If you purchased a Dolphin, please provide the 10 character serial number of the robot which can be found on the shipping box and we will submit the request directly to the manufacturer on your behalf.
4. For Dolphin pool cleaners and parts like power supplies, these requests are handled directly by the manufacturer and we provide a link to create/submit your warranty request.
5. For non-Dolphin warranties, once your warranty form has been submitted our Warranty Department will verify the warranty request and send out a warranty email within one business day.

Warranty form